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Why HomeCert

We are a state licensed and certified professional real estate inspection services company committed to providing thorough, detailed and objective home inspections on behalf of you, our client. Unlike many of the people involved in your real estate transaction, we have no stake in the “deal”. Our fee is not contingent on the sale, so you can be assured to receive an entirely objective opinion to help you make an informed decision.

We walk on rooftops
Ask if we walk on rooftops

We take a methodical and detailed approach to each and every inspection. Our focus is quality, not quantity, so we limit the number of inspections that we book. You are welcome to be present to observe and ask questions during the inspection. At the end of the inspection, we will be happy to provide an in-person walkthrough demonstrating our key findings to ensure that you are familiar with the issues, their locations and the potential implications.

After the inspection, you will receive a computer generated, narrative style inspection report, complete with photographs and conceptual diagrams, that is highly detailed and easy to understand. Please review a sample of one of our reports and compare it to any competitor's report. We think that you will agree that our reports are second to none.

Our Business Philosophy

While the process of performing a home inspection is technical in nature, the business of home inspection is customer service oriented. A home inspection company prospers or fails based on its reputation, the value that it provides and the satisfaction of its clients. We believe our clients deserve the highest level of customer service AND technical expertise that we can provide.

We strive to make our clients comfortable asking questions to obtain the information that is relevant to them. Whether the client is a first time homebuyer with little knowledge of home construction asking basic questions or an engineer or builder seeking detailed responses to technical questions, we can adjust the level of detail and jargon to meet the needs of the clients without overwhelming them.

Unlike some companies, we are happy to speak with our client's agents, builders or other professional representatives (at the client's request) to help ensure that they understand what has been indicated in the report and how/why a given item may be indicated as a deficiency. Our goal is to help our clients to get the best quality house possible.

We invite our clients to call us with any questions that they have about their home, regardless of how much time has passed since the inspection. We have no "former" clients. Everyone we have ever performed an inspection for is still our client and we understand that our reputation and the satisfaction of our clients is our single greatest business asset.

Our Pledge to You

guarantee Ensuring that you are a well informed and satisfied customer is our top priority. If you trust us to inspect your home, we promise to give you the best of our knowledge, experience and ability.

If you are not completely satisfied with the thoroughness of your inspection or the detail and quality of your report, tell us about it. We will either fix it or happily refund your money

Training and Tools

As we mentioned earlier, the process of inspecting a home is technical in nature. To be effective, the inspector must be well versed in a broad spectrum of areas, including: construction methods, technologies and materials; building standards; inspection methods and tools; inspection standards-of-practice and regulations; etc. all of which are constantly changing. In order to deliver our clients the most competent service possible, we study constantly, participate in approximately 40 hours of formal training per year and have invested a great deal in tools and technology. Our qualifications and certifications include:

Our toolkit includes the following specialty items, along with all of the standard home inspection tools (not all tools are used on all inspections):

Our Testimonials

You've Heard From Us
Now Hear From Our Clients

I want to thank you and your staff for making the largest purchase in my life a little easier. The monies I spent in hiring your services were by far the most absolute sound investment I made during the entire home buying process...

P. Johnson

I was happy with the inspection. You can't buy peace of mind, but that's what you get with this type of inspection. I feel very confident in purchasing my home now that I had this inspection. This is my second home purchase and I haven't seen another inspection as thorough. Chuck took the time to go over the report with me and answered all my questions.

Darlene D.

Chuck was thorough, and patient with my questions. The inspection helped me not only make a decision about buying the house (we are still buying), but also when I talk to repair people, I am more confident about what needs to be done, the extent of it, and am more empowered that I will not be taken advantage of.

L. Lindsay

Chuck was friendly and polite. He seems knowledgeable and was very thorough. The walk through was helpful to me because it showed me areas in the home that needed to be repaired and/or improved. The inspection was very thorough and the inspection spent additional time on areas that I was concerned about. The report was clear and easy to read. The quality of the inspection was well worth the money and then some...the inspector stayed extra time to address all of my concerns with the property I really appreciate the inspector starting early on a Saturday morning and staying late to address my concerns. Very good customer service. I would use HomeCert again and will recommend to friends.

Justin B.

Chuck was very attentive to our needs and was able to work with our time constraints. He is very knowledgeable and professional. The walkthrough was extremely helpful. I particularly liked the final briefing and that Chuck was able to show me pictures at the end of what he found. It also made understanding the inspection report so much easier. The inspection was very thorough. I learned a lot during the process. The report appeared very complete and was easy to understand. Chuck was fantastic. Thank you for everything!

Francis H.

We were greatly pleased with your inspection. We feel your inspection kept us from making a very bad investment and for that we are very thankful. Thanks again.

D. Chance

was very impressed by our Inspector's vast array of knowledge regarding technical code requirements and general maintenance of our home. The walkthrough was extremely helpful. All our questions were answered, no matter how minor they were. We were glad to have the opportunity to walk through with the Inspector as he pointed out and explained each item which would be in his report, and what to look for regarding future maintenance. The report was completely understandable and greatly enhanced by the various pictures taken by our Inspector. We feel our Inspector took great care and time to examine our home. We are first time home owners and feel the information we received from our Inspector has greatly increased our knowledge and understanding of better home maintenance. I feel completely satisfied with the services we received.

K. Douglas

I want you to know that this is the most thorough and professional inspection I have ever seen. My husband was a TREC Inspector for **** ******** for a while before he moved to Code Inspecting. He did that for 7 years.  Additionally, my client said you were very nice at the inspection as well. I will be happy to recommend you to all my Realtor friends and trust me I have a big mouth.

Jennifer B. (Agent)

I felt confident with Chuck’s level of expertise. He seemed to be very familiar with the codes in Texas and with identifying items in the home that were not up to par and those that are satisfactory. Because we did a phone walk-through, the extensive photos and explanations in the report were very helpful. While being objective, Chuck was still able to help guide us through the report and indicate items that were significant and those that were minor. The level of detail was complete, but not overwhelming; it was easy to understand and the photos and illustrations were a big help. Keep up the good work! It can be hard to find good service in today’s environment, and that is exactly what you offer. the inspection was worth every penny.

Karen O.  (Out of state client who could not attend the inspection)

I would like to extend my greatest of “Thanks” for your extremely comprehensive home inspection. The best part of the inspection was your friendly, knowledgeable, professional attitude. You went way beyond what I expected of a home inspection service. Your help in trouble shooting major and minor issue and taking the time to explain them to me was great. Your help was so much better, than getting the old “Looks like it doesn’t work?” statement. Your written report was excellent and in complete comprehensive detail. It was very helpful in getting the homeowner to respond and repair the major issues that were found during the inspection. Your inspection left me with a good feeling about my purchase.

Thank You!

D. Adkins

I am  Patrick's Realtor. You actually did the inspection on my home this past December and I was very pleased with your professionalism and the quality of your work, that I kept your card on file to refer you to my clients. I referred you to Patrick and he too was very pleased with you. I will continue to refer business to you.

R. Seals

The walkthrough was very helpful. It made it easier for me to be able to go back and fix whatever needed fixing since he showed me exactly where things were. The report is WONDERFUL!!! It’s like taking Inspections 101! For a first time homebuyer like myself, it was very important that I got a colorful, easy to read and understand, thorough report. Otherwise it would have been useless if I couldn’t make any sense of it. The report was GREAT! I think the service was great as is. The inspector was very friendly and took the time to explain each of his findings. He answered all my questions and went above and beyond what I anticipated. I would recommend HomeCert to my friends and family. Matter-of-fact, I already did!

D. Martinez

This was the best inspection and report that we have ever had. We have moved 10 times in the last 30 years (New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Texas). Even though my company only reimburses $ 250 per home inspection, from now on HomeCert is my home inspection company. In fact I am spreading the word inside my company.

R. Cabello

We are very happy with the job that Roger did. Not only did he do a very thorough inspection but he took the time to answer a few non-related home owner type questions. He is a very nice guy. He also gave off a very professional appearance which made us feel very comfortable right off the bat. Thank you once again for your quick response and service.

The Michaleks

I feel like I received real value for my money and then some, I had prices from several companies with highly regarded reputations, and they were way overpriced. I feel that your service was 100 times better and through than theirs and the price was very reasonable.

A. Pallanaz

I also wanted to let you know how happy we are with your service! Your inspection was so thorough and detailed! You really helped us get to know the property, educated us on many issues we hadn't thought about or were not familiar with, and helped us feel confident that we are making an informed decision. We will definitely recommend HomeCert to our friends in the future!

M. Hollycross

Thank you for the outstanding service you have provided us with. We could not have asked for a more professional home inspection! I will be highly recommending you to all my friends and relations.

L. Morahan

Excellent job Chuck! We really appreciate the time and effort that you put in to help us understand the findings in the report. I have to say I'm really impressed with your knowledge and resourcefulness, as well as your willingness to help me through this crazy process. You are the best!!! If anybody ever asks me for an inspector referral, you are on the top of my list.

T. Lam

We wanted you to know how pleased we were with your service, and the quality of your work. You kept the appointment, in fact, you were a little early, and took time to thoroughly explain all of the defects you found after the inspection was completed. Then, we received a 36 page report with color photos detailing each problem. Your inspection exposed needed repairs and allowed us to negotiate a better price. It's comforting to buy a piece of property knowing ahead of time the repairs and problems that need to be addressed. If any of your future customers want references, please add me to that list. I would be pleased to speak with anyone who has any questions regarding your service.

L. Claus

Thanks for everything! You helped our walk-through with our builder go very smoothly. We never would have found some of the items you listed... like the hole in the roof! We were confident during the closing knowing that we received such a thorough inspection. I would definitely recommend you to other home owners/buyers!

A. Schuchart

I am very happy with the results of the inspection. Your company saved me tens of thousands of dollars by uncovering a lot of problems with a house that would have been nothing but a huge head ache and money pit that would have cost me all the money I have to correct all the flaws in the house. Thank God I used you company. I will be in touch with you to inspect the next house I plan on buying.

L. Parylla

I want to thank Chuck for being very professional during the inspection and walk-through.  We were very pleased with the inspection, it seemed very thorough. We were able to leverage the faulty furnace against the seller, and the seller didn't have much choice but to accept my proposal of a $2000 cash allowance towards closing costs for these and other repairs.  Thus the inspection already paid for itself.

The Bollers

We were very impressed with Chucks professionalism. He did such a wonderful job. Thanks for such a great experience.

The Walkers

This has been the most wonderful experience!  The inspector (Chuck) caught things that I wouldn’t even think to look for.  They even educated the construction manager.  UNBELIEVABLE!  
M. McCauley

We are very satisfied with the service we received from Chuck.  He did an excellent job.  We are very impressed with the details and the quality of the report.  

B. Antoniewicz

We were particularly grateful for the thorough inspection done by Chuck when our one-year new-home warranty was about to expire. He discovered potential problems including exposed wiring, damaged shingles, faulty insulation and masonry needing repair. The report and color digital photos, made it very easy for us to show the builder the problems and easy for the builder to know exactly how to fix them. We definitely endorse the work by HomeCert!

The Perkins