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Our Services

We provide a variety of inspection services for clients in the greater Houston and northwest suburban communities. Following is a summary of some of the services we provide.

Home Inspection Services

Whether you are buying, selling or staying in your home, our home inspection services can help you learn valuable information regarding the condition and possible maintenance issues with the home. If you purchased a new home, don't forget to have a warranty inspection performed within the first year Read more about all of our Real Estate / Home Inspection Services.

Infrared Thermography

We utilize advanced infrared thermography equipment to perform a wide variety of inspection services from Home inspections to commercial roof inspection, industrial / electrical and facility predictive maintenance, veterinary, etc. Read more about Infrared Thermography and our Thermography Services.

Construction Phase Inspections

We can help identify defects in the construction of your new home while it is still possible to have them corrected and before they get covered up with construction phase inspections. All houses have defects and if they are not identified and corrected during the construction process, many of them will be enclosed in the later stages of construction and concealed from view during the final inspection process. Protect your investment in your new home. Read more about our Construction Phase Inspections.

Specialty Inspections

We can either perform or coordinate a wide range of specialty inspection services for you. Many of these are commonly performed in conjunction with a home inspection (e.g., wood destroying organisms, pool & spa inspection, septic inspection, etc.), while others are often done as stand alone services (e.g., forensic / diagnostic inspection, infrared thermography inspections, etc.) Just let us know what you think you need and we'll tell you how we can help. Read more about our Specialty Inspections and our Infrared Thermography Inspections.