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Welcome to Magnolia, TX

This page is dedicated to helping our clients who are considering purchasing or constructing a new home in or around Magnolia, TX locate the community information and home inspection services that they need. For additional details about HomeCert and the services that we provide throughout the Houston real estate market, be sure to also visit our homepage.

Introduction to Magnolia, TX

Magnolia Texas is located in the southwestern corner of Montgomery County, about 18 miles west of The Woodlands. The city, proper occupies about 4.5 square miles and the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETF) extends a half mile beyond that. The postal area associated with Magnolia covers a much larger area than the city itself bordering Pinehurst and the city of Stagecoach, TX. Magnolia has changed named several times during its history. It started out as Mink Prairie after a farmer who established a homestead there. It was renamed Melton after a landowner. It was eventually renamed Magnolia and in 1903, the post office relocated there. Magnolia resides in ZIP codes 77354 and 77355 with neighboring Pinehurst, TX in 77362

Historic train depot in the City of Magnolia, TX

Historic train depot in the City of Magnolia, TX. Credit: George Holmes

Magnolia is incorporated as a city. It has grown rapidly in recent years with the estimated population nearly doubling between 200 and 2016. Magnolia city government is led by an elected mayor and five council members. In 2013 the Magnolia City Council adopted a 20-year comprehensive plan. The plan articulates the city’s vision for dealing with the projected business and residential growth in the area. The plan dubbed “Magnolia on the Move” addresses infrastructure improvements, transportation and connectivity and defines areas for specific types of land use.

We’ve been providing exceptionally detailed home inspections and delivering outstanding service to our clients in and around Magnolia, TX and the surrounding area since 2004. We’ve inspected every type of new construction and resale home you are likely to find in the area. If you are building or buying a home in Magnolia, TX, we can provide the home inspection services you need. Visit our main page for more information.

The official website for: The City of Magnolia Texas

Building and Remodeling in Magnolia, TX

To ensure that development within the city conforms with the master plan, the City of Magnolia has adopted a Unified Development Code (UDC)  to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare in accordance with the goals of the Comprehensive Plan. The UDC applies throughout the city with some provisions extending into the ETJ. The UDC established design standards for residential, lots, homes and accessory structures that affect anyone building or doing major improvements in the city and ETJ. Permits are required for most construction and remodeling activities performed inside the city.

Applications for permits are handled through the City Permits / Inspection / Utility Billing department. As of this writing (early 2018) The City of Magnolia has adopted the 2015 International Building Code; 2015 International Residential Code; 2015 International Fuel Gas Code; 2015 International Plumbing Code; 2015 International Fire Code; 2015 International Mechanical Code; 2015 International Energy Conservation Code; and the 2014 National Electrical Code (author’s note: As of September 15, 2017, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has established the 2017 NEC as the “minimum standard” for all electrical work in Texas).

If you are building a new construction home, remodeling or enhancing your existing home inside the city and ETJ you will need to be aware of and stay in compliance with applicable city standards. Always be certain that you have the current Standards.

The city development standards do not apply to unincorporated areas which are not within the city and ETJ, even though they may have Magnolia mailing addresses.  In these cases, construction and remodeling activities must conform to the Texas State building standards or the applicable local standard (e.g., The City of Stagecoach Texas has their own zoning and building standards). If you are unsure whether you fall within the city of ETJ, contact the city to inquire.

Home Inspections in The Woodlands

Protect yourself and your home investment. HomeCert Home Inspections provides a variety of home inspection services in and around Magnolia, TX to help you ensure the that your resale home purchase (HomeCert Pre-Closing Home Inspection Services), new home construction project  (HomeCert New Construction Home Inspection Services), or home remodeling project (Contractor Oversight Home Inspection Services) meets your expectations as a consumer. We can even help you get the most out of your new home warranty (Builder Warranty Inspection Services). Let our Certified Master Inspector and Level-III Thermographer deliver Home Inspection service your Magnolia, TX home deserves.

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