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Contractor Oversight: New Master Suite Addition

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Houston, Texas

This is a real report on a real home. The client’s name and address have been removed to protect their privacy. This inspection was performed on an existing Houston home for an existing client. We first inspected this house for the client when they purchased it.

Our client hired a general contractor to build a custom master suite addition to their home. Unfortunately, this general contractor and the subcontractors took shortcuts and performed substandard work. We were brought in after-the-fact to identify and document the numerous deficiencies in the remodel. When the homeowner hires a contractor to perform major work on their home, if the work is performed in a shoddy manner, there’s no option to walk away from the home like at the time of purchase.  They’re stuck with the poor workmanship and the damage to the home until they can get it corrected.

You can help protect your remodeling investment and your home from inferior workmanship by having performance inspections performed at appropriate stages during your home improvement project and requiring an independent inspection of the work as part of the sign-off criteria for the project. You owe it to yourself to make sure that the quality of the work performed on your home is up to the standard that you expect.

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Houston home inspection contractor oversight
Houston home inspection contractor oversight
Houston home inspection contractor oversight

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