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Large New Construction Inspection

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Sugar Land, Texas

This is an actual inspection report for a newly built custom home. The client’s name and address have been removed to protect their privacy. This inspection included both visual (i.e., TREC compliant) inspection methods as well as infrared thermography. In this report, you can see how effectively a qualified, thermographer can detect moisture and insulation deficiencies, even though they’re not visible to the eye. Be aware that most home inspectors who advertise infrared scans are not certified thermographers.

This report provides an excellent example why all homes, including new construction homes, should be thoroughly inspected. It also illustrates how the value of a top tier inspection can exceed the cost many times over. An inspection helps the client maximize the return on their home investment. There are huge differences in skill, thoroughness, report detail and cost between inspection companies and inspectors. Choose your home inspector based on value, not simply based on the fee. A home inspection is a professional service, not a commodity purchase.

If the home you are purchasing isn’t average, your home inspector shouldn’t be average either. Your exceptional Houston home deserves an exceptional Houston home inspector who will provide you with an exceptional home inspection report.

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Sugar Land Home Inspection - Roof inspection
Sugar Land Home Inspection - Water heater vent detached
Sugar Land Home Inspection - Moisture intrusion inspection

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