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Houston, Texas

This is a real report on a real home. The client’s name and address have been removed to protect their privacy. This is a “remodeled” 1950s Houston home. In reality, it was a flip house. Flip houses are typically characterized by substandard installation of new appliances and inexpensive finishes and  un-permitted alterations to attain curb appeal and the illusion of newness, while completely ignoring the house mechanical, structural, electrical and plumbing systems (other than fixtures). The proverbial “lipstick on a pig”.

This flip went further, they didn’t ignore the structural components of the house – they butchered them! The flipper decided to make an open floor plan by removing bearing walls. Bearing walls in these houses support both the ceiling and roof structures. Properly removing a bearing wall is an involved process which requires an engineered design, often employing hidden beams in the attic, etc. It’s not cheap, fast or easy (the hallmarks of a flip). This “remodeler” didn’t bother with any of that and instead cobbled together a crazy latticework of scrap lumber, improper brackets, etc. and hung the ceiling from the roof. So not only did the roof lose its own essential support, it got saddled with holding up the expansive ceiling to boot!  We could already see the whole system starting to sag.

Protect yourself and your investment by having a thorough inspection performed by the best, most competent inspector you can find. A good inspection will almost never “cost” you anything. Most will return far more than the cost of the inspection fee in savings.  Shop value over price. Your inspection fee may well be the most important money that you invest in the process of buying your home.

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Houston Home Inspection - Structural Inspection of Houston Flip Home
Houston Home Inspection - Electrical Inspection Houston Flip House
Houston Home Inspection - Houston Remodel Home Inspection

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