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The Texas Real Estate Commission has established reporting standards for Home Inspections. The home inspection standard defines the basic structure, some standard verbiage and the component sections of the home inspection report. The TREC standard establishes the minimum requirements to which all Texas inspectors must adhere. However, this is where the similarities end.

Before selecting your home inspection company, we urge you to obtain copies of actual home inspection reports from each of the candidate companies and compare them to our TREC compliant home inspection report samples. We’re confident that you will find that our reports are superior in detail, clarity, quality and thoroughness.

We invested many hours in developing and maintain our own proprietary reporting software, comment and graphic libraries. Our reports are tailored to address issues that are relevant and important to our Houston home inspection clients, rather than generic commentary more suited to houses in other regions as is the case with many off-the-shelf reporting systems. Our reports include clear descriptions of issues, color photos and diagrams to help you determine what the issues really are and where they are located so that you can make an informed decision based on what is most important to you. We routinely include references and citations from authoritative sources to substantiate our findings and opinions, making it much less likely for builders and contractors to try to dismiss our findings.

We’ve included several sample Texas home inspection reports showing some of the very different types of homes that we inspect. Please compare these to what you see produced by other home inspection companies.

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