I reached out to HomeCert for an unusual reason, at least as far as the typical client goes. Our house had flooded and I realized it had been getting older and it was time to invest some money into it since we planned on being here for a while. I had no idea what needed fixing and what was a non issue.

With that Chuck was extremely accommodating. He walked me through the entire house while he was inspecting, showing me the good, the bad and the in-between. I had contractors scheduled to come out to repair some siding and he was helpful in telling me how they should be repairing it, some cheaper alternatives and some other areas that they would probably not be doing due to the limit of their trade.

With his inspection, I have a very detailed playbook for repairs and feel confident working with contractors, knowing what I need versus what they may try to sell me!

David W. Chapman Jr.
November 19, 2017