I will start by saying I am anal-retentive…In the process of looking for a home inspector I interviewed 12+ inspectors and read countless reports. A lot of good indicators on the quality of inspector (on-line reviews, feedback from other inspectors, communication ability, quality of reports…REPORTS TELL YOU A LOT WHEN YOU GET INTO THE DETAIL.

Side note: I never write reviews – Chuck and his company are that good. I am hoping this review helps save you time in your search. Chuck cost a bit more but well worth it. Chuck found items that my previous inspectors would have never noticed. Chuck also takes the time to explain each item, clearly ranking importance of repairs, and providing home owner tips. (Invaluable coaching/advice)

After Chuck’s review our Agent even requested his contact information (for other clients). He has been and agent for several years and noted the superiority and thoroughness provided.

If you want peace of mind…CALL HOMECERT! Worth every penny.


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Brian S.
July 1, 2017