After extensive search and several interviews, I have retained the services of Chuck Evans from HomeCert® to perform the “frame inspection” for my “new construction” house. I was first impressed by the content of his website and a list and his professional credentials and, ultimately, by his actual performance. For my next new house, I selected one of the most reputable builders with a proven high-quality industry record. Even though this Builder’s policy is to use an independent third-party inspector, I decided to hire my own, and was glad I did. In addition to several less significant items of notice, Mr. Evans discovered two deviations from construction codes and practices. As a substantiation to the findings, his report contained references to specific building codes and even photo copies of the relevant abstracts from the above. As a professional myself dealing with technical documentation on a daily basis, I was further impressed by the high quality of his inspection report. Those who understand the importance of truly professional home inspection, will never go wrong with the services of Mr. Evans. He is not “just a real estate inspector” but a specialist with an engineering knowledge of the trade.

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Alex I.
July 1, 2017