I am a Real Estate agent who has a client who normally uses his own inspector. We have a house currently under contract with the Option Period expiring in just a few days. Our inspector had a sudden health issue that prevented him from inspecting the home (our prayers are with his family) and we needed to find a solution quickly.

I requested a quote from HomeCert and was very (pleasantly) surprised to get a call in under 10 minutes. The call itself was to let me know that they were booked solid and unable to meet our deadline requirements (completely understandable). Here is where they exceeded my expectations. The representative told me they understood our dilemma and wanted to call me back with some other potential options and contact info!!!

I was so impressed by this act of kindness that moving forward I will absolutely recommend this company if for no other reason than the professional and courteous response I received so that they could help me out in my situation.

First Class all the way!

Very Best Regards,

David Hughes

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David H.
July 1, 2017