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Why HomeCert for Your Builder Warranty Inspection

Your new home isn’t perfect. None of them are. There were many hands from numerous trades involved in the construction of your home. It was built by many workers of varying levels of skill, care, and professionalism, often with little supervision or coordination between trades. Defects are a given.

The end of your new home initial warranty period marks your last opportunity to notify the builder and have them correct those defects. Our professional Houston Home Warranty inspection will provide you with the documentation that you need to formally notify your builder of workmanship and installation defects in the construction of your home.

HomeCert Inspections will thoroughly inspect your home and provide detailed descriptions of observed deficiencies. We back up most of our observations with appropriate references to authoritative sources to help limit “That’s just your inspector’s opinion” claims by builders. See our sample reports for examples.

Many of our Pre-close inspection clients ask us to come back and perform their warranty inspections

We offer two options for our Houston home warranty inspections:

Option 1: a full inspection and report just as we do for pre-sale inspections. This covers the full scope of our regular home inspection and includes a fully detailed report with detailed descriptions and images of defects. This option is available to both first time and repeat clients.

Option 2: Available to those client for whom we have performed a final pre-closing inspection of their home. Because we already know a lot about your home from the original inspection we can forego some of the more mundane items (e.g., we already know that the receptacles are wired properly from the last time we were there), and focus on the important stuff. We produce a punchlist style report, which is easier for you and the builder to work warranty repairs from. This report includes the same detail and images of the actual defects but does not include non-defect related information. These inspections require less time and are less expensive.

Our Warranty inspection scope includes: Full Warranty Report Punchlist Report
Foundation and structure Included Included
Exterior walls, windows, doors, penetrations Included Included
Grading and Drainage Included Included
Roof Included Included
Attic framing and insulation Included Included
HVAC systems and ductwork Included Included
Water heaters and plumbing Included Included
Electrical panels Included Included
Safety items, incl. GFCI devices & smoke alarms Included Included
Interior walls, doors, floors, ceilings Included Included
Irrigation systems (on request) Included Included
Observed performance deficiencies Included Included
Reinspect previously identified defects (on request) Optional
Infrared Thermography (additional cost) Optional
Appliances Included
Window operation Included
Receptacle testing Included

Additional Certifications

In addition to our primary certifications, we also have the following skills, qualifications and certifications.

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